Who We Are

DFRC Crowd Analytics

Data Fusion Research Centre (DFRC Pte Ltd) is a Singaporean SME founded in 2012.

Specialised in geospatial data fusion and analysis, DFRC delivers powerful end-to-end solutions based on meaningful information about location, movement and flow of people and objects through unique monitoring tools such as its patented LBASense mobile phone detecting sensors, software platforms and mobile applications.

By passively detecting people’s flows through anonymous mobile phone signal analysis, DFRC provides relevant Crowd Analytics to retail owners, event organizers, municipalities and Smart Cities.

Purchased by heterogeneous clients worldwide, Crowd Analytics data is mainly used by Cities and operators of big premises focusing on tourism, Data-As-A-Service users such as retailers and advertisers and finally pop-up event organisers interested in analysing citizens’ mobility flows or crowds’ security.

Mid 2019, there were 2,500 deployments of LBASense sensors worldwide. In 2017 225,000 mobile phone devices were detected daily in Barcelona; 110,000 consumers were analysed in Korea and 1,000,000 mobile phone devices were detected every day in Prague.

DFRC also works with a worldwide network of distributors, located in: United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Israel,  Republic of Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Senegal.


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