Social Distancing

How to keep social distancing with LBASense? Social distancing has required businesses to limit the number of visitors to their facilities. To meet these requirements, businesses need to count the …

LBASense Occupancy Meter

LBASense Occupancy Meter

Managing office space can cost a lot of money when the booking system misused. LBASense Occupancy Meter manages your resource with live Crowd Analytics.

Crowd analytics for retails featured image

Crowd Analytics for Retails

Data gathering is as important as the access to it. If you manage retails, it’s essential to understand your clients’ and attendees’ habits, even before the sales.

Window Shopper Meter Crowd Analytics featured image

Conversion Rate Meter

Thanks to a small number of WiFi sensors, the Conversion Rate Meter calculates the ratio between the footfall outside your shop and the visitors inside, in order to understand how successful you are at converting window shoppers and passers-by into potential customers.