For Whom?

LBASense Charge&Go is tailored for outdoor ad-hoc event organisers and public area managers surveying markets, public parks, free events or tourist attractions, in particular when there is no access to electricity.

What Will You Get?

The LBASense Charge&Go solution consists of a weatherproof system composed of a sensor able to locate anonymous mobile phone signals. Crowd Analytics’ results can be accessed on a credential-protected web-dashboard and mobile app.

LBASense Charge&Go Tools

Main Crowd Analytics’ results provided by the system are real-time and historical footfall counting, visitors’ traffic patterns and average visit duration.

Screenshots from the LBASense Dashboard Mobile App

 Try out the LBASense Dashboard mobile app for iOS and Android, it’s free!


How Does it Work?

Typical Installation Procedure

  1. Charge the system’s battery at your office
  2. Deploy and activate the system at your event’s site
  3. Monitor the results (via mobile app or web dashboard)
  4. Bring back the system to your office

LBASense Charge&Go Typical Deployment

One sensor is deployed in the middle of the event area, allowing to analyse in near real-time the crowd’s behaviour on a web dashboard and mobile app in a range of 50-100 meters radius.

If needed to extend the coverage range, multiple systems can be deployed in the target area.

Why Our Product?

Thanks to our unique technology, we provide analytics, highly accurate and at low cost.


iOS and Android devices are transmitting a temporary MAC address while searching for nearby access points. Our technology is capable of identifying the real device hidden behind the temporary MAC address, hence to count the number of mobile devices in the area.



Based on a unique combination of hardware and software, our sensors are also capable of controlling their detection range, providing different “virtual” regions of coverage using the same physical device.



Our sensors detect a unique mobile phone number: unlike other systems, there is no double counting.

Interested in the LBASense Charge&Go solution for your business? Contact us for any additional information.