Manpower Efficiency Optimisation

For Whom?

The LBASense Productivity solution is tailored for big infrastructures such as hospitals, universities, airports, malls, theme parks and their human resources teams who want to save manpower costs and improve workforce distribution.

Why Do You Need It?

Managing hundreds of employees, from cleaning personal, technicians to security staff, is always a hassle when you need to understand who to send where.

LBASense sensors  and mobile app, enable real time management of your staff’s location, directly on your mobile phone. As a result, management teams can provide immediate answers to service requirements, by sending the closest available person to the needed location.

Productivity Mobile App Screens
Productivity via the LBASense Dashboard Mobile App, screens from left to right: Attendee tab, Security tab (general view), Security tab (population type view).

The LBASense system also analyses crowds visiting your premises, by extracting accurate yet anonymous information about footfall, stay’s duration, returning visitors, mobility patterns and people distribution, passively listening to mobile phones signals.

What Will You Get?

For the purpose of the Productivity solution, the LBASense Dashboard and app enable to view all the devices detected in a specific area, to show the registered ones (such as staff classified per category as security, cleaning or technical staff) and provide the location of the staff according to the region where they are detected (region ID). For example, a hospital manager can see which technician is located the closest to the building B, where a bed needs to be fixed quickly.

In addition, this solution offers the possibility to monitor in real-time public facilities by letting you know, directly on your smartphone, the number of persons who have used the facility. Instead of planning cleaning shifts based on time, for instance every hour, cleaning teams can be requested in operation every 100 persons, guaranteeing spotless facilities, in appropriate working order.

The Productivity solution also provides crowd analytics such as footfall, dwell time, % of returning customers, activity index, mobility map and people’s distribution (if option purchased).
The solution consists in a full package of sensors and monitoring tools. The system is based on multiple mobile phones detectors to be deployed in the selected area, that passively sense anonymous metadata transmitted over WiFi network.
Crowd Analytics Monitoring Tools: WiFi Sensor, LBASense Web Dashboard and Mobile App
Crowd Analytics Monitoring Tools: WiFi Sensor, LBASense Web Dashboard and Mobile App
Crowd analytics results are visualised on a web-based and password-protected dashboard, as well as disclosed via APIs for integration with 3rd-party systems.
Moreover, data is available in real-time and historical views, in daily, hourly and customisable resolution, for various types of population (staff, visitors, etc.).
Download the fully functional demo of the LBASense Mobile App for iOS and Android and try it out now.

Why Our Product?

Thanks to our unique technology, we provide analytics, highly accurate and at low cost, enabling powerful insights to optimize your manpower resources.


Passive system

Staff’s location can be visualised on our system without requesting employees to do any specific action (with the exception of a one-time mobile app installation). Our system is completely passive and has no particular impact on the mobile phone’s battery consumption.


MAC De-randomization

iOS devices are transmitting a temporary MAC address while searching for nearby access points. Our technology is capable of identifying the real device hidden behind the temporary MAC address, hence of counting the number of mobile devices in the area.

One Sensor, Multiple Ranges

Based on a unique combination of hardware and software, our sensors are also capable of controlling their detection range, providing different “virtual” regions of coverage using the same physical device.


The solution is compliant by design with any regulation on data privacy, since the end user freely decides to opt-in, granting permission via the product app or captive portal, if willing to take part in the program.

You want to know more about the Productivity solution and understand how this solution can fit your business? Ask for a quotation tailored to your scenario, or request a demonstration by clicking on the get started button.


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