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For Whom?

The Safe Cities and Critical Infrastructure Protection solution is tailored mainly for municipalities, Critical Infrastructure Managers such as airports, government buildings, construction sites, universities, dormitories or tourist attractions.

Why Do You Need It?

A large crowd is not a threat; irregular activity is. Awareness and quick response are essential to guarantee safe environments to the whole population and in community infrastructures.

We offer appropriate tools to enable decision makers to take the most effective actions, by highlighting abnormal events that are unusual for a specific date, time and location. Our sensors are deployed in the city centre and in strategic places or critical infrastructures, to properly monitor movements in the city and citizen’s behaviours.

We therefore bring you the opportunity to analyse crowds visiting your premises, by extracting accurate yet anonymous information about footfall, stay’s duration, returning visitors, mobility patterns and people distribution passively listening to mobile phones signals to analyse major crowd movements or flows and anticipate security answers.

Footfall, Duration of Stay, New Visitors, Mobility
Footfall, Duration of Stay, New Visitors, Mobility


What Will You Get?

Crowd Analytics Targeting Huge Crowds

Analytics provided are: footfall, dwell time, % of returning visitors, activity index, mobility map and people’s distribution (if option purchased). Using an analytical model, we provide the footfall foreseen for a specific location and differentiate the unusual behaviours among the normal ones.

The solution consists in a full package of sensors and monitoring tools. The system is based on multiple short-range mobile phones detectors to be deployed in the selected area, that passively sense anonymous data transmitted over WiFi.

Crowd analytics results are visualised on a web-based and password-protected dashboard, as well as disclosed via APIs for integration with 3rd-party systems.

Moreover, data are available in real-time and historical views, in daily, hourly and customisable resolution, for various types of population (staff, passers-by, etc.).

Download the fully functional demo of the LBASense Mobile App for iOS and Android and try it out now.


Monitoring Tools: WiFi Sensor, Web Dashboard and LBASense Dashboard Mobile App
Monitoring Tools: WiFi Sensor, Web Dashboard and LBASense Dashboard Mobile App

Face to Phone Security Detection

For critical infrastructures such as universities, airports, construction sites or government buildings, we differentiate authorised visitors from non-authorised ones, in order to guarantee safety in sensitive areas of a city, and detect mobile phone signals in no-phone zones.

Safe Cities and Critical Infrastructure Protection system detects mobile devices based on sensors, CCTV and proprietary software.

This unique technology correlates Facial Recognition and mobile phones to provide an effective permanent watch, generating alerts whenever a suspicious individual is detected in a forbidden area (dormitory, university, factory outlet, etc.).

Why Our Product?

Thanks to our unique technology, we provide analytics, highly accurate and at low cost.


MAC De-randomization

iOS devices are transmitting a temporary MAC address while searching for nearby access points. Our technology is capable of identifying the real device hidden behind the temporary MAC address, hence of counting the number of mobile devices in the area.


One Sensor, Multiple Ranges

Based on a unique combination of hardware and software, our sensors are also capable of controlling their detection range, providing different “virtual” regions of coverage using the same physical device.


Single Counting

Our sensors detect a unique mobile phone identifier: unlike other systems, there is no double counting.



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