From Theme Parks to Smart City Tourism, the Long Way of LBASense

Tourism This Way

October 5th, 2018  – Bergamo, Italy

On October 5th, 2018, DFRC attended ParksMania Awards as sponsor of this major event for the theme parks industry, organised by ParksMania, a reference institution in the sector. Awards winners, from Italy and whole Europe, are typically acknowledged for their performance and innovation spirit, which set them apart from the others, defining new benchmarks in the sector’s trends.

Parksmania Official Sponsor plaque
Parksmania Official Sponsor plaque
Parksmania Awards 2018
ParksMania Awards 2018

In the Summer 2017, Zoomarine, a water park in Rome, Italy, engaged DFRC to provide insights to help improve the park’s visitors experience, first experiment of this kind for the company and the park alike. In the past year, DFRC has moved forward improving its business line of products for outdoor deployment, launching a brand new system: weatherproof, battery-powered and equipped with modem. The system, that can either run on its rechargeable battery (portable unit) or be deployed connected to the grid (lamp post unit), comprises the latest model of LBASense detector, being suitable for any outdoor installation scenario, for parks, tourism attractions, city centres, etc.


Charge&Go Weartherproof Box Including a Sensor And a Modem
Weartherproof Outdoor System

Listening to our customers, we are adding new features to our solutions for Tourism. We renewed our system’s interfaces, both web and mobile and integrated our apps with external data sources for an enriched user experience; improved registration procedures via captive portal to be as secure and smooth as possible, in compliance with any Data Privacy regulation; opened the platform to self-configuration for our customers’ basic needs. We are on our way to deploy additional systems for Tourism analysis in Europe, while running installations of the same kind in Korea and Singapore: the more we learn about tourists, the better our service becomes. Stay tuned to hear more on the latest use-cases.

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Photo credits: Featured image by Jamie Templeton; all other images: all rights reserved to DFRC.