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A Proposed Outline For Eureka Cluster 


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Environmental monitoring and disaster management

Our goal is to develop a flexible platform that will allow simple fusion between environment monitoring sensors and crowd management during emergencies. The integrated system will be a key enabling technology for integration of existing and new types of sensors into a single holistic disaster management system.

Environment monitoring and disaster management includes many specific and in most cases location specific issues. Examples for such problems can be tuderstome in Singapore which put people visiting national parks at high risk from lightning and from trees that collapse during a storm, a flood in a river, typhoon or tsunami warning.  

Our project goal is to build a generic system that will provide a specific solution to the local problems. The system will be able to utilize relevant sensors and relevant management tools in order to provide the answer to the domestic threats with minimal changes in the system while using AI technology for forecasting and responding to the upcoming threats. 


The project will include three layers: 

  1. Sensors – environment monitoring sensors from different types (existing and new) that provide data related to the environment
  2. Data sharing layers that allow automatic sharing of data between sensors and management tools 
  3. Disaster management tools from different types and scale from micro management (e.g. building) up to large scale (city or country) 

The project will be tested in multiple scenarios using different combinations of sensors and management tools. 


LiveWalk 1000
LiveWalk 1000

What is the market relevance?

  • Smart / Safe Cities 
  • Crowd Management 
  • Environment monitoring  

What is the innovation?

  • New types of environment sensors 
  • New tools for crowd management during a disaster (fire, flood etc) 
  • Easy and automatic fusion between environment sensors and crowd management systems

What is the business impact?

  • For individual manufacturers – more business opportunities
  • For customers – more cost effective method to provide a safe environment for public


Project Outline Submission Data: 2 May 2022, 17:00 CEST


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