Floating Population Dataset for Bologna had been released

Downtown Bologna

With almost 1 million visitors a month, Downtown Bologna is still open for businesses. February was the most crowded month of the year with 989,224 visitors followed by January. The number of visitors in the area is quite high in January and February but starts to decrease in March. This trend can be understood in regards to the pandemic. In Italy, number of COVID-19 cases showed a sign of decrease until mid-February but rebounds and starts to increase in its number again, which explains the decreasing number of the visitors.

Total number of visitors in downtown Bologna 2021


From January to April, Fridays has consistently been the most crowded day whereas Sundays has been the least busy. The solid grey line shows the actual count of the population in the downtown Bologna. The green dotted line shows the upper prediction of the population and red dotted line shows the lower prediction.

Furthermore, you can also check which regions are most visited for those that enter the downtown Bologna from Porta San Donato, where the red pin is.

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