Introducing LiveWalk 1400 IoT Sensors – Long Range Mobile Phone Detectors


A new solution to monitor narrow and extended areas just joined the LBASense LiveWalk product portfolio. 

The LBASense LiveWalk 1400 series can now be configured to cover larger and wider areas as the same hardware can be mounted with combinations of Directional antenna and Omni antenna at the same time.

The solution allows monitoring outdoor crowds to guarantee a secure environment, social distancing for safe activity during the COVID-19 pandemic, and behavioural analytics for day and night activity.



configuration 1: Bi-Directional Antenna

Covering the Adequate range with Configuration 1 – The LiveWalk IoT Sensor mounted with bi-directional antenna covers up to 500m in lengths and 40m width.

With the advantage of covering an extended area, the solution is used to monitor activity at footpaths, bridges, walkway along rivers, parks, and outdoor markets.


Busan Waterfront Promenade


The system had been deployed in order to monitor the number of the people at the Sea Promenade in order to maintain social distancing rules and to support the effort of the city to keep this area clean and secure.



configuration 2 – Omni Antenna and directional antenna


Covering the Adequate range with Configuration 2 – The LiveWalk IoT Sensor mounted with the Omni antenna (coverage area 100 meters in diameter) and the directional antenna (250m in lengths and 40m width) is used to cover a wide area and its walk-path. 




The system had been deployed in the river park for safety purposes, namely, validate that  the park is empty in a case of floods and bad weather and to keep the area safe during the night



configuration 3 – directional antenna IoT Sensor

Covering the Adequate range with Configuration 3 – The LiveWalk IoT Sensor mounted with the directional antenna – 250m in lengths and 40m width – is recommended for the extended and narrow path.

The solution is used to monitor activity in the targeted direction only.



The system had been deployed in order to count the number of passengers inside cars on the bridges that connected the island to the mainland.


<Technical specification>

The system includes the following parts:

1. A Directional Antenna

2. A Control Unit: Two options are available

  • An IP-67 control unit + one or two antennas including integral LTE modem and optional POE

  • An IP-65 control unit with preparation for external modems that can be added to the control box, for countries that need special certifications for LTE modems.


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