LBASense: Occupancy Meter

LBASense Occupancy Meter


For Whom?

LBASense Occupancy Meter is specially designed for meeting-room, building, library and co-working space managers who want to optimise their services and detect any misuse of their existing reservation system.


What Will You Get?

The LBASense Occupancy Meter  solution consists of a full package of server, sensors and API. The system is based on multiple short-range mobile phones detectors to be deployed in the selected area, that passively sense data transmitted over WiFi.


LBASense Occupancy Meter Mobile App
LBASense Occupancy Meter Mobile App



Real-time Occupancy Understanding

  • Colour system shows if the meeting room is free/occupied
  • Status of occupancy per day and hour
  • Historical Data
  • Trends

Space Management

  • Adapt your resources to the results (i.e: all rooms are red (booked): you need more space or green: you need less).
  • Detect any misuse of the booking system: rented rooms on the app are actually not used.


  • Merge the Meeting Room Occupancy Meter with your local booking app.

How Does The Occupancy Meter Work?

LBASense Occupancy Meter Typical Deployment Plan
LBASense Occupancy Meter Typical Deployment Plan

A sensor (with customizable range, generally 1.5 meters radius) is deployed in each room under the meeting table, simply connected to the power and the Internet, allowing to analyse in near real-time the occupancy of the room, on the mobile app.

Why Our Product?

Thanks to our unique technology, we provide analytics, highly accurate and at low cost.


iOS and Android devices are transmitting a temporary MAC address while searching for nearby access points. Our technology is capable of identifying the real device hidden behind the temporary MAC address, hence to count the number of mobile devices in the area.



Based on a unique combination of hardware and software, our sensors are also capable of controlling their detection range, providing different “virtual” regions of coverage using the same physical device.



Our sensors detect a unique mobile phone number: unlike other systems, there is no double counting.

Interested in the LBASense Occupance Meter solution for your business? Purchase your demo kit today or contact us for any additional information.