Music Festival in Cluj-Napoca, Romania Brings more than 30,000 visitors

The second-largest city in Romania, Cluj-Napoca is a surprisingly relaxing town. Cluj is surrounded by historical buildings and cultural lives and filled with opportunities to enjoy arts, theatres, and music performances. For people who love to explore both atmospheric architecture and art and music, Cluj is the best place to visit.


Cluj is also famous for its nightlife, holding music festivals and concerts every year. These types of major events bring a herd of people into the town, who want to see their favorite singers and their music. This year, the largest music festival called “UNTOLD” in Romania was held in Cluj from September 9th to 12th at Cluj Arena. Supposedly this event has brought massive economic impact to the city, our sensors detected the number of visitors twice as much as the numbers on regular days.


DFRC sensor nearby the Cluj Arena


Today, we’ve examined our data collected in Cluj, and compared the numbers before and during the music festival. DFRC has number of sensors installed in Cluj-Napoca, including one nearby the Cluj Arena. If you take a look at the daily number of visitors in September, the population in Cluj doubled during the festival.


Number of visitors detected by the sensors all regions in Cluj-Napoca


Visitors comparison between before and during the festival


There were about 65,000 more average visitors during the festival detected by the sensors in all regions in Cluj. On the other hand, the sensor nearby the Cluj Arena detected bout 34,000 more average visitors during the festival. Overall,  there were 310,952 more visitors in Cluj according to our sensors.

Undoubtedly, these major events bring positive impacts to the city by attracting tourists and stimulating the local economy. It is most important that cities must use this opportunity to promote local businesses.


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