Pop-Up Event Use Case – DBS Marina Regatta 2017

DBS Marina Regatta 2017

Project Goal

Marina Promontory, Singapore, June 2017: understand the peak hours and real-time crowd behaviours during the DBS Marina Regatta 2017 event, organised by DBS, the Development Bank of Singapore.


Key findings

Four LBASense Crowd Analytics sensors were deployed onsite, detecting passively and anonymously mobile phone signals, allowing to count in real-time the number of visitors and to analyse their behaviour patterns and the crowd’s distribution at the Bay.

DBS Marina Regatta 2017 Deployment Map
Deployment map showing the distinct regions covered by the four Crowd Analytics sensors, set with customised coverage ranges, different for each sensor.

LBASense sensors have shown recurring visitor patterns over the four days. A first peak of visitors was detected every day around noon, with the most crowded day for lunchtime being Sunday, June the 4th, around 12:00.

DBS Marina Regatta 2017 Crowd Analytics
DBS Marina Regatta Crowd Analytics data about the four days, for the whole site.

Analysing in detail data region per region, we could see that the peak hours were sometimes different from the entire site’s results.

Marina Bay Regatta 2017 Crowd Analytics: 4 Regions Peak Hours
Marina Bay Regatta 2017 Crowd Analytics: 4 Regions Peak Hours


Credits: Cover image ©DBS; LBASense images © by DFRC, June 2017.

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