This product allows customers to have their own server with all the data collected by LiveWalk sensors stored at their own data center. 

This product includes LBA processing Engine, Local Database, Raw Data storage and local dashboard.


Server Specification

The server hardware specifications are based on the number of sensors associated with the server. 

Information is indicative, actual performance may be varied between different hardware manufacturers.


# of sensors # of Core RAM Disk Storage (HDD or NAS)
1 Up to 25 8 16 Mb  256 Gb SSD * 2 (RAID1)  1 TB
2 Up to 50 16 32 Mb  256 Gb SSD * 2 (RAID1)  2 TB
3 Up to 100 32 64 Mb  512 Gb SSD * 2 (RAID1)  4  TB
4 Any additional 100 sensors  32 64 Mb  512 Gb SSD * 2 (RAID1)  Depend on number of sensors


  • Magnetic Disks (HDD) are used to store historical raw data. On average we require 100 Mb per sensor per day per sensor. 
  • The figures in the table are an estimation of the storage capacity that is required for one year. 
  • Above 100 sensors – use multiple servers for 100 sensors. Long term storage can be defined according to the actual number of sensors based on the formula above 
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 20.4 (Mandatory)