Smart Bus Stop


Smart Bus Stop - Namwon Korea
Smart Bus Stop with LiveWalk 1000 sensor located an Namwon, Korea

For Whom?

For cities and companies that would like to transform bus stops with passenger information system into a population flow hub


Why Do You Need Mobile Phone Detections as part of your Smart Bus Stop Project?

LBASense provides a unique value added to Smart Bus Stop project. Our sensors are able to count the number of people nearby the bus stop, the number of people in a range of 100 meters around the bus stop, the average waiting time and the bus stop, the reuse patterns and more. 

Furthermore, by building a network of sensors it is possible to provide a city wide population flow map which can be used to map a city and its inhabitants in order to offer better urban planning, adapt public transportation to the citizens’ real needs or understand who are the tourists visiting the cultural sites and shopping areas.

What Will You Get?

Analytics provided include footfall, dwell time, % of returning customers, activity index, nationalities and mobility map.

The solution consists of a full package of sensors and monitoring tools. The system is based on multiple mobile phones detectors to be deployed in the selected area, that passively sense anonymous metadata transmitted over WiFi and cellular network.
Crowd analytics results are visualised on a web-based and password-protected dashboard and mobile app, as well as disclosed via APIs for integration with 3rd-party systems.
Moreover, data is available in real-time and historical views, in daily, hourly and customisable resolution, for various types of population (staff, passers-by, etc.) .

Why Our Product?

Thanks to our unique technology, we provide analytics, highly accurate and at low cost, enabling powerful insights.

LBASense technology is able to detect mobile phone signals with high accuracy, thanks to unique features such as:


MAC Randomization

iOS and Android devices are transmitting a temporary MAC address while searching for nearby access points. Our technology is capable of overcoming this randomization, hence of counting the number of mobile devices in the area.

One Sensor, Multiple Ranges

Based on a unique combination of hardware and software, our sensors are also capable of controlling their detection range, providing different “virtual” regions of coverage using the same physical device.

Single Counting

Our sensors detect a unique mobile phone identifier: unlike other systems, there is no double counting.


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