Smart Bus Stop Deployment

Smart Bus Stop

Build your Open Data platform with Crowd Analytics such as footfall, country of origin and mobility patterns from mobile phones’ signals.

Adieu 2020: Turin, Italy

A series of posts of ‘Adieu 2020’ have demonstrated the correlations between visitor count on year-end holidays and the COVID19 infections. Turin, Italy is selected as the next city for …

We are now supporting Thai!

  We are happy to announce LBASense Dashboard is now supporting the Thai language. The Pfizer, the world prominent pharmaceutical company, has announced that they have reached the critical milestone …

smart tourism trends BTO 2019

Smart Tourism Trends Revealed at BTO 2019

DFRC took part in BTO 11, an international Smart Tourism conference held in Italy, regrouping international speakers interested in finding added value in Big Data for tourism, focusing on Open Data, predictive analytics and sustainable tourism.