What is common between Miami and Busan?

Similarity between Miami and Busan 

Have you ever wonder where would like to live when you are in your retirement age?

People prefer to get out from stuffy city and live where it’s more nature-friendly with good living conditions.

Miami and Busan are perfect cities to live in your retirement age and that’s why many retirees live there.

Both cities are located near the ocean and both cities are hosting a huge community of people in retirement age. 

According to LBASense, the largest population groups in Busan are above 60 which represent 30% of the overall population. 

Males 55% of the population in Busan (compared to 49% in the overall population in Korea).

Data had been collected in Suyeong district – Busan 

The graph above shows demographic of Suyeong district with gender proportion and visitors by age group.

Real time demographic data including age and gender is available on DFRC LBASense crowd analytics platform.


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